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Homeland Security Certification

Understanding the Levels of Homeland Security Certification

Protecting the safety of the nation through homeland security has become both a rising concern and an area of significant job growth. To take advantage of the career opportunities in this area, it pays to consider getting some type of homeland security certification. Homeland security certification is a useful credential which will give you an edge when being considered for jobs protecting our country.

Many organizations and institutions offer homeland security certification. Often you can study at home and earn your certification online.

The National Academy of Higher Education offers four different homeland security certification types. These are: Certified Public Safety Professional (CPSP), Certified Public Safety Manager (CPSM), Certified Public Safety Technician ((CPST) and Certified Public Safety Specialist (CPST). These types of homeland security certification can be earned online in your spare time, without having to give up your current job.

The American College of Forensic Examiners Institute (ACFEI) offers the Certified in Homeland Security, CHS credential, which is offered on five levels. Level 1 is an entry level certificate which requires one year of experience in related fields such as law enforcement, military, public health, cyber security or emergency management. Coursework focuses on disasters and emergency preparedness.

CHS Level II homeland security certification requires three to five years professional experience in related fields and concentrates on weapons and terrorism.

CHS Level III homeland security certification is geared toward supervisory, administrative and command positions and requires four years professional experience in the field.

CHS Level IV is considered a senior level of homeland security certification. It is offered only to those who have already achieved Level III and completed a course in Incident Awareness, Response and Terrorism. Another requirement is the completion of two FEMA prerequisite courses.

The top level of homeland security certification offered by CHS is Level V. To earn this certificate, you must have already completed Level IV and passed a course in Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and High-Yield Explosives.